BLM protests intensify in Kentucky

BLM protest intensifies in Kentucky
BLM protest intensifies in Kentucky

Thousands of BLM protestors have taken the streets of Louisville on Saturday, demanding justice for Breonna Taylor. Anika Khan reports.

On 13 March, Breonna Taylor was shot dead by three police officers in her own house. The 26-year-old African American was an emergency medical technician. The officers dressed in plainclothes entered her residential house without any search warrant and opened 20 rounds of fire on her and her armed boyfriend without total disregard for the value of lives.

Justice for Breonna

It’s been five months since the death of Breonna. Her death seemed to have fueled the Black Live Movement in the USA.

On Saturday, thousands of people rallied outside Kentucky Derby chanting Breonna’s name demanding the arrest of the cops who killed her. They have marched for two miles from the city center to the race track where the annual horse race was scheduled to be held.

The race was previously postponed for COVID. Protestors demanded the cancellation of Derby. The spokesperson condemns the government and the people to celebrate derby when innocent people like Breonna are being killed every day by the police force across America.

Protestors in Louisville demanding justice

Protestors stood in solidarity demanding justice not only for her but for all the black lives lost. In central Louisville, a group named ‘patriots’ stages a counter-protest carrying flags and assault rifles for President Donald Trump.

The long systematic oppression and unfair killing of the Police force over the black people of America need to stop once in for all. It will be a long fight.