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Betty Boo releases her first solo single in 30 years!

Betty Boo is finally introducing her very first solo single after 30 yrs. She has announced her plans to release the new single ‘Get Me To The Weekend’ this month.

  • The single release will premiere on Rylan’s show on BBC Radio 2 before getting out online, immediately after the broadcast.
    Betty Boo made her breakthrough as a guest vocalist on The Beatmasters’ Top 10 single ‘Hey DJ/I Can’t Dance’ in 1989. The pop singer scored the Top 10 hits with 90s single ‘Doin The Do’ and ‘Where Are You.
  • Before retiring from her solo career Betty had released 1990’s ‘Boomania’ and 1992 follow up ‘GRRR! It’s Betty Boo’ these two albums.
  • Betty used to write songs for other pop artists such as Popstars band Hear’ Say and Girls Aloud including the former’s Number One hit ‘Pure And Simple’ and the latter’s three singles ‘Mars Attack’, ‘Boogie Down Love‘ and ‘Love Bomb‘ from their 2003 album ‘Sound Of The Underground’.
  • Betty Boo talked about working with Girls Aloud previously, and said, ‘Post-pops star it was like being an ex-footballer and working at a club – although not as well paid. It was a bit shit.’
  • She also said, ‘Managing vocals on a group is difficult because you want to feature all of them equally and not turn up the best singer, because the others get upset. I worked with one girl band not Girls Aloud and one of their mums came into the studio demanding: ‘Can you turn my daughter’s mic up?’. I’m like: ‘Get the fuck out of my studio!’
  • Betty Boo with Blur‘s Alex James, went on to form the short-lived duo WigWam releasing just one self-titled 2006 single before the project disbanded.

Betty explained that,

‘It was fun and had potential, but I wanted to do other things and Alex wanted to do things like making cheese’

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