Beirut Port on Fire, a Month After the Explosion

Beirut Port on Fire, a Month After the Explosion
Beirut Port on Fire, a Month After the Explosion

A huge fire broke out in Beirut’s Port on 10th September just over a month after the massive explosion occurred in the same place.

On 4th August, Lebanon was struck with a massive explosion that had a huge impact on the country with some dead, some homeless and some having lost a lot. 

Residents who were still recovering from the explosion were told by Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud to stay away from the port to be safe and to allow firefighters to get to the scene.

It was not immediately clear what the cause of the fire was, however at the Port there are oils and rubber, which are highly flammable and needed a lot of time to be completely extinguished.

There was black smoke blanketed all over Beirut and this comes too soon after a big explosion that people are still recovering from.

The smoke was still seen on Saturday, two days after the fire started and firefighters have been there since Thursday to put the fire out and have stated there is no immediate danger to the city.

Lebanon has suffered so much as there has been a massive explosion, a rise in COVID cases which was difficult to handle, the worst economic crisis they have seen in decades, and a government that has neglected its people.

Lebanese MP Rola Tabsh has called for an international investigation into the Beirut Port fires to be held now rather than later.