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Anti-War Campaigners demand Peace on One Year Invasion of Ukraine!

Thousands of anti-war campaigners will gather in London today to mark the first anniversary of Ukraine’s invasion and call for peace. The action by the Stop the War Coalition (STW) and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) is a part of an international call on governments.

The campaigners call for NATO to end their escalation of the conflict, with rallies taking place in hundreds of towns and cities which includes Manchester and Sheffield. They are demanding urgent peace talks to end the deaths and avert risk of nuclear war.

What are Campaigners demanding?

The campaigners are calling British government for prioritizing a diplomatic solution instead of using it for more military spending. The cost-of-living crisis has been roaring upwards since Russia invaded Ukraine. CND general secretary Kate Hudson said: “Nuclear dangers have grown enormously in the last year and world leaders are refusing to put their foot on the brake”.

Anti-War Campaigners demand Peace on One Year Invasion of Ukraine!

Demand for Peace

This February marks the first anniversary of the awful war, voices across Europe are growing to demand a dialogue of peace. The government should pay heed to peace talk and stop pouring fuel on the fire for escalating the war and delaying the peace. STW convener Lindsey German said: “the overwhelming need now is for peace in Ukraine. The war has already seen terrible loss life and destruction.” If escalation continues it will only worsen with the growing threat of wider war and nuclear conflict.

Condemn War and Warmongers

Putin’s invasion should be condemned and also the warmongers of NATO and the British government which prevented peace talks last year. To mark this heinous anniversary of the invasion, Ukraine flag bearing the words “Stop War” was displayed at a vigil in Bradford in West Yorkshire.

Protest for Peace

The Protest against WAR!

The protest takes place in Manchester St. Peter’s Square starting at noon and will be followed by a public meeting at 1:30pm organized by GMCND, Manchester People’s Assembly and STW in Manchester Mechanics institute in Princess Street. The London demonstration will assemble outside the BBC at Portland Place at noon before marching to Trafalgar Square where a rally will be held. The time has come to stop war and move towards more peace talks.

As Marx said, “the redeeming feature of war is that it puts a nation to the test”. The war has reduced humanity and humanitarian forces and forced mankind into committing atrocities and crime against humanity. WhatsOn stands against War, and demands Peace for Ukraine and mankind!

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