America Braces for historic Presidential election

America Braces for historic Presidential election
America Braces for historic Presidential election

The eyes of the world lie in the United States today as Americans brace for an election day unlike any in US history. Anika Khan reports.

Over 98 million people have already voted ahead of Election Day breaking all previous records. With more people voting in advance due to the ongoing pandemic, results may come on more quickly than usual in some states while being delayed in a few others.

US election officials and media organizations have said that the Election night is likely to be morphed into election week instead.

However, we can also have early results in the presidential race by the end of the night if either candidate achieves decisive wins in the few key states.

Here is a rough guide on how the night will play out:

  • 6pm ET (3pm PT, 11pm GMT, 10am AEDT): The first polls will close in Indiana and Kentucky.
  • 7 pm ET (4 pm PT, midnight GMT, 11 am AEDT): Most polls will close in important states like Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia.
  • 7.30pm ET (4.30pm PT, 12.30am GMT, 11.30am AEDT): Voting polls will close in North Carolina and Ohio.
  • 8 pm ET (5 pm PT, 1 am GMT, and 12 pm AEDT): Michigan and Texas will close some polling sites, and the rest will close at 9 pm. Voting polls in Pennsylvania will close at 8 pm but it is likely that the results will not be known for days.
  • 9 pm ET (6 pm PT, 2 am GMT, 1 pm AEDT): Arizona will hit with some results followed by Colorado, New México, Omaha, and Nebraska. At last, there’s Wisconsin.
  • 10pm ET (7pm PT, 3am GMT, and 2pm AEDT): Trumps margin of interest states, Utah, Nevada and Iowa will be shutting their polls.
  • 11pm ET (8pm PT, 4am GMT, 3pm AEDT): The polls will close in California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.
  • 1am ET (10pm PT, 6am GMT, and 5pm AEDT): Election will come out in Alaska.

By the end of the night, the future of America will be changed.  Now, all we need to do is wait with patience to see how the US presidential election unfolds.