Actor Robert DeNiro’s Criticism On Donald Trump

Trump VS DeNiro
Trump VS DeNiro

As the US death toll reached to 82,653, a newly erected billboard has appeared in New York’s Times Square which shows the number of US coronavirus deaths and it calls “Trump Death Clock.” This comes along with comments from actor Robert DeNiro criticising Donald Trump. Dipto paul Reports.

According to the creator of the “Trump Death Clock”, Peabody-winning filmmaker Eugene Jarecki and friends, the numbers could have been avoided if President Donald Trump had acted sooner.

Here is what Actor Robert DeNiro has said on Donald Trump:

1. Describing Trumps Administration as “Shakespearean”  DeNiro said, “you’ve got a lunatic saying things that people are trying to dance around. It’s appalling, it’s appalling. He wants to be re-elected, he doesn’t even care how many people die.”

2. Targeting to Trumps fan base – ” “No, he doesn’t care for those people. And the people who he pretends to care about are the people he has the most disdain for because he could care less about them. They might like to tell themselves or delude themselves, but he doesn’t care about them.”

3. “It’s been very strange because New York is kind of like a ghost town, it’s surreal then you see other parts of the world, other great big cities of the world, are also in the same situation. It’s interesting, it’s kind of like a science fiction movie but it’s real.