5 sustainable businesses in UK

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5 sustainable businesses in UK

Climate change is upon us. Resources may be scarce, ecosystems may be threatened, and the situations are being dreadful. Despite of that some people are trying to save our planet. Here is a list of 5 UK businesses that are doing their bit to save the globe.


Unpackaged offers food with zero waste. Launched as a market stall in 2006 by Catherine Conway, it now has three London stores where customers can purchase food in bulk and package it in their own reusable containers. Unpackaged also runs a thriving consultancy service for businesses looking to shift to a zero waste retail business model.

More details: www.beunpackaged.com


Bulb generates renewable energy from solar, wind, and hydro sources – as well as supporting global carbon reduction projects such as the building of wind farms in India and rainforest protection in Sierra Leone. It was founded by Hayden Wood and Amit Gudka after they grew frustrated with the inefficiency and unsustainability of the traditional energy industry.

More details: https://bulb.co.uk/

The Duke of Cambridge

When the founder of The Duke of Cambridge and the founder of Riverford Organic met, something magical happened. Something magical called: ‘love’. The organic Islington pub became the perfect complements to Riverford’s Field Kitchen in Devon both venues celebrating exceptional organic cooking and only using ingredients of impeccable provenance.

More details: dukeorganic.co.uk


Buzzbike is a flexible, London-based bike subscription service. A subscription includes a high-quality bike, lights, a lock, insurance and servicing. Not only is cycling a particularly ‘green’ way to get around, the Buzzbike system allows for easy daily exercise and a much cheaper commute. For every 2,000 Buzzbikes in London, up to 545 tonnes of CO2 and 29,000 Tube journeys could be saved.

More details: https://www.buzzbike.cc/


 Mooncup offers a solution to the waste, discomfort and expense of disposable menstrual products. Founded in 2002 by Su Hardy, the company estimates that by using a Mooncup menstrual cup women can reduce the number of menstrual products they’ll use in their lifetime from around 11,000 to 5.

 More details: www.mooncup.co.uk