5 Facts: Global Warming & Tokyo Olympic

Global Warming & Tokyo Olympic
Global Warming & Tokyo Olympic

Tokyo Olympic 2020 in Japan is dated during the summer time but the lowest level of snowfall during the winter put the Olympic authority under huge tension.
Scientists marks it as the effect of Global Warming while Ski resorts of Japan are still closed and threatening plans to keep spectators cool at Tokyo Olympic venues this summer.
Here we will discuss about 5 Facts that Olympic authority will take into consideration for the Summer Tokyo Olympic.

  1. Olympic organizers had planned to bring in snow from Minami-uonuma, a city on the Japan Sea coast, to help cool venues amid warnings of the health dangers posed by the brutal heat in and around the capital at the end of July when the Games begin.
  2. Minami-uonuma had planned to store snow at an outdoor facility then send it via road and rail to the Olympic football and basketball venues in Saitama, just north of Tokyo, where it was to be made into giant mounds to allow fans to cool down before and after the sports events.
  3. Spectators were also to be given sealed bags of snow to use as portable cooling packs.
  4. Sixty-three municipalities across Japan have joined Operation BATON – Building Athletes’ village with Timber of the Nation. The project aims to construct the Village Plaza using sustainably sourced Japanese timber donated by local authorities across Japan, before dismantling it after the Games in order to return the timber for reuse in the communities – for example, as a public bench or part of a school building.
  5. Energy-saving initiatives and renewable energy technology have been installed at the new permanent venues being built; Tokyo 2020 has also worked to ensure accessibility at these venues is in accordance with its Accessibility Guidelines.

Experts said global heating was worsening the situation by turning greater quantities of snowfall into rain than before.
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