5 cinemas turning 25 in 2021!

5 cinemas turning 25 in 2021!

Do you too find it difficult to believe your favorite movies that you used to watch as kids are getting older same as you! Because I do. Let’s take a short trip to the memory lane of our childhood, but how? The only way of memory hunt isn’t just photographing but also cinemas that you’ve watched when you were a kid.

Here the top ranked 5 cinemas turning 25 this year:

The movies you’ve watched when mom or dad were trying to feed you or got treated with whenever you scored a great result at kindergarten with DVDs or CDs have passed glorious journey of 25 years. I watched a lot of movies as my father used to show them and since my childhood, I am a movie fan. I loved watching ‘Matilda’ (1996) while growing up.

1. Matilda

A little girl with super powers being raised by herself right after birth, got neglected and misunderstood suddenly realizes something of herself. She discovered she has been gifted some super natural power and starts to train herself into repletion. Matilda named after the protagonist’s name in the movie is one of the most exciting one of time.

2. Jack

One of the most violent and breathtaking movies ever made Jack was one directed by the one who created The Godfather trilogy and Apocalypse Now. Jack is a comedy drama film plotted on a boy who ages four times faster than normal child as a result of Werner syndrome, also called progeria. This is hereditary disease happens or develops throughout childhood and teenage.

3.Jingle All The Way

The movie which is the reason behind Arnold Schwarzenegger, playing the role of Howard being embroidered on Christmas jumpers to this day, 25 years later! Jingle All The Way is one of the classic comic holiday movies ever made. Despite of talks of being a worst one of a kind this movie still made it way into our memory lane. In the year 2021 along with other movies this also stepped into its 25th year of screening.

4. Scream

The combination of psychology, human psyche and horror had been stepped up with Scream by the director. A mysterious serial killing story is the plot of the movie where the victims were murder over phone call discussions. There had been controversies over the genre of the movie. Alongside this movie got its viewers and ranked 2nd on the position on tops.

5. Mission Impossible

The crazy stunt full longest running movie franchise of all time which has been going on for almost three decades now the Mission: Impossible. This American action spy film starring Tom Cruise is actually the continuation of the main television series has won hearts of many movie fans still going on successfully.