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16 Journalists jailed in Turkey!

Sixteen Kurdish Journalists has been arrested in Turkey last week after detaining a complete of 21.

Currently they’re asking the international community to be their voice against the shameful incident.

A letter has been received on Friday from a journalist of Turkey saying,” Hello, I’m writing to you as a Kurdish journalist. i need some minutes of it slow to determine what i’ve got to mention. All media, globally and justifiably writes and discusses [Ukraine] announcing the injustice to the full world”.

“However, eyes are wide shut to the injustices done to the Kurds by a fair worse dictator, (Turkish President Recep) Tayyip Erdogan. This morning, 16 journalists, my colleagues were jailed,” the journalist continued.

With unknown charges, those media personals had been arrested from the Kurdish city of Diyarbakir.

The letter also explained the tough situation by Turkey government, killing children in drone attacks, including a 12-year-old Yazidi boy killed in Shengal on Wednesday.

“In the name of the accumulation, within the name of universal rights, within the name of freedom of the press and freedom of expression, I appeal you to be in solidarity with the 16 Kurdish journalists who were arrested,” said the Journalist.  

“I want you to object to those powerful states surrendering the Kurds to the oppressive regime of the Turkish dictator for his or her own interests,” the journalist appealed.

No comment has been given yet by the Turkey government regards this matter.

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