10 causes why Bangladesh facing Social and National crisis

Bangladesh, an independent developing country facing a lot of troubles because of many social and national crisis. Yet this nation has gained so much here are 10 emergency issues that needs to be tackled in Bangladesh promptly, Sumaiya Akram Shoshi reports.

1. Climate Change


Geographical location, high density population, poverty and mismanagement in environment are causing great deal of climate change in Bangladesh, which is being cited as one of the most vulnerable countries.

2. Covid 19 Crisis

Covid 19 Crisis

This pandemic is a nightmare to us which brought us nothing but havoc in food, health and economy. To fight against this proper distribution of adequate capacity and preparedness should resolve some amount of loss.

3. Corruption in Governance

Corruption in Governance

A good governance can turn the whole nation into a civilized one by providing freedom of choice, serving justice, brining equity and delivering proper amendments to the basic. This could let us avail the goal of poverty eradication too.

4. Large Population

Large Population

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries of the world. People of the country don’t realize the threat of such a big population. The reasons behind such a big number of people is- illiteracy, no family planning, Polygamy, early marriage, unprotective sex and female feticides.

5. Food Crisis

Food Crisis

High and rising food prices have been articulated as one among the top problems. A set of solutions to be implemented over the coming period in order to make our national and global food systems more resilient than they are at present. 

6- Overturn Child Marriage

Overturn Child Marriage

Explicit non-recognition in child marriage has been seen most in this Covid-19 era. Whilst education institutions were shut down for a long time the rate of child marriage got ranked up. 

7. Poor Security

Poor Security

Every day deaths are occurring from road accidents, a conflict between parties, or violation of humanity as there is lack in the security system. Also, security provision did not cover enforced disappearances, custodial torture, illegal detention, extrajudicial killings that violating human rights.

8. Rohingya Rehabilitation

Rohingya Rehabilitation

The emerging scenario of Rohingya rehabilitation has crashed in Bangladesh. Despite of being pressured by the numbers of refugees and affected by the influx in the environment Bangladesh trying to fulfill host responsibility with facilities and services.

9. Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse

One of many prime crimes happening in Bangladesh is Sexual abuse and rape. Every passing year the number is increasing. This also reflects the gender inequity problem. 

10. Unemployment


Every year a lot of students are graduating, but aren’t getting themselves into jobs because of lack of opportunities. The number of given job opportunities is likely one-third of the demand.

The people of Bangladesh have gone through a lot of miseries and struggled political and economic unrest. Meanwhile these are the number are social problems forcing people to lag behind that we must resolve.