Zayn Drops New Single ‘Vibez’

Zayn Drops New Single ‘Vibez’
Zayn Drops New Single ‘Vibez’

British singer and songwriter Zayn Malik has released a new song “Vibez” on Thursday night, along with the announcement of his upcoming new album. Puza Snigdha reports.

Confirming the release of his single track, Zayn wrote on Twitter, “Vibez Out Now! Nobody is Listening – out Jan 15th.” Zayn shared the album art and confirmed that his third album “Nobody is Listening” is due to release on 15th January.

He posted a short clip of the song with an animated version of the album art. The album art showcases a collage of colorful faces with only white eyes. At the bottom, the album title is written in red under his name.

Before releasing his single track “Vibez” he posted a 12 seconds of short video to tease the song’s arrival. The video opens in an empty theater with the word “Tomorrow” onscreen, and in the background the blurb of the song was playing.

‘Don’t keep me waiting / I’ve been waiting all night to get closer / And you already know I got it for you / You know the vibes, know the vibes, put it on ya/ If it’s movin’ too fast, we go slower… You got the vibes, got the vibes,’ the track lyrics says.

Reportedly, the upcoming album will feature nine tracks and ‘Vibez’ is the follow-up to “Better.” “Better” is the lead song of his second album.

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