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Yukika and Kim Mi-jeong drop new single ‘Moonset’

Yukika and Kim Mi-jeong have released a new collaboration titled ‘Moonset’.

The song dropped alongside an accompanying music video that features the two musicians performing the tender track from a pink-colored room. The room is lit by fairy lights. The duo harmonizes on the chorus.

“Call me, baby, call me

 Before this moonset is over, before I fall asleep

 Call me, baby, call me

 I’m still waiting for you,” 

‘Moonset’ was released as part of a project under Kozypop. The city pop track was also produced by Gusta, who has worked on tracks for other Korean musicians, such as Reddy, Wayne, and Asuka, among others.

Yukika is a Japanese K-pop soloist. She made her debut in 2019 with the single ‘Neon’, which was later included in her 2020 debut album ‘Soul Lady’. The singer is best known for her city pop-inspired music and sound, including singles like ‘Insomnia’, ‘Cherries Jubiles’, and more.

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