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World Cup Quarter-Finals: Upcoming Match Predictions

A nail-biting tension is in the air as the world cup thrilling quarter-finals are right at our doorsteps. After such an exciting round of 16, our expectations for the quarter-finals are touching the sky and beyond. On that note, here comes the second part of our quarter-finals discussion. So, check out all the highlights and predictions before we set up for the wild ride.

Morocco vs Portugal – 10th December

After their astounding win against Spain, Morocco has made their way into the world cup quarter-finals. Perhaps, their success in the world cup is not that surprising considering their mesmerizing and skillful performance so far. Moreover, their entry into the quarter-final marks them as the fourth African team to get into the quarter-finals. On the other hand, Portugal has put in quite a performance so far including their 6-1 victory over Switzerland in the knock-out stage. Moreover, this being the last world cup for the great Christiano Ronaldo, Portugal will surely bring their best into this match.

According to Google’s prediction based on records and statistics, Portugal has a 57% win probability over Morocco’s 16% win probability (The remaining 27% suggesting extra time). But here is an interesting fact, Google’s prediction was accurate for all matches in the knock-out stages with Morocco’s win over Spain being the exception. So, will Portugal triumph once more, or will Morocco defy the numbers once again? Only time will tell.

England vs France – 11th December

Last but not the least, this quarter-final match is all hyped up and fans are expecting the very best from both former world champions. Furthermore, this will mark the third world cup match between these European teams who have performed astonishingly throughout the tournament. France’s tremendous 3-1 victory over Poland in the knock-out stage shows how focused the former champions are on keeping the title for four more years. On the other hand, England’s stunning performances including a 3-0 victory over Senegal show how determined they are in this world cup. 

Well, this match has the most competitive prediction in the quarter-final according to Google. Although France has the edge with a 39% win probability, England is not so far behind with a 32% win probability. Again there is a 29% chance of this match getting into extra time as well. So will France take a stand against the might of England with yet another victory? Or will England earn the glory of defeating the former world champions? Guess we will have to wait for the answer with our fingers crossed.

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