WHO Warns That Covid-19 Is Still Accelerating

WHO Warns That Covid-19 Is Still Accelerating

As coronavirus restrictions are lifted across the globe, the World Health Organisation has warned that cases in many countries where restrictions have been lifted are seeing a rise in new COVID-19 cases.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases doubling over the past six weeks, nearly six months after the World Health Organisation declared a “public health emergency of international concern”. According to the Johns Hopkins University tracker, there are now 16.4million cases of coronavirus worldwide.

This news comes as many European countries are starting to reintroduce restrictions, such as Germany, France and Belgium who have all reintroduced curfews, social distancing and quarantine measures after seeing an increase in the number of new cases.

Across Europe, many countries are struggling to repair the economic damage caused by lockdowns and how they can navigate the current situation alongside a financial need to support tourism during summer months.

Here are some global updates about the pandemic:

  • Spain’s tourism industry will continue to struggle as the UK government decided to reintroduce quarantine for travellers returning from the country.
  • Belgium has tightened its social distancing measures to try to halt a surge in cases. From Wednesday, Belgians will be allowed to see five people at most outside their family circle, reducing the permitted “social bubble” from 15.
  • China confirmed its highest daily tally of new cases since April, with the cases reported on Tuesday mark the fourth day in a row of increases.
  • In the US, White House officials have begun negotiations with top Democrats on a coronavirus aid package, with the current one due to run out on Friday. Republicans are looking to slash the $600 weekly jobless benefit to just $200, stating the federal sum is too generous on top of state benefits.