Whatson Music Academy Summer Camp

Whatson Music Academy Summer Camp

Hey, there music lovers! WhatsOn Music Academy is hosting a super fun Summer Camp this month!

WhatsOn Academy has been running successfully for the last three years, bringing music and joy to people during this pandemic. Over the years artists and students from all across the globe joined our academy to learn music, guitar lessons and raise awareness about the ongoing issues that we face today. And now for the first time, WhatsOn Music Academy is going to host a special Summer Camp for the whole month of August with the purpose of teaching young children guitar lessons and help them improve their musical skills.

So what new do we have in store this month?

  • Brace yourselves for WhatsOn Music Academy Summer Camp on the 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th of August from 15.00 PM BD time and 10.00 AM UK time in August.
  • WhatsOn Family is eager to meet you all for a Fun-Filled Friday where you will get to practice your guitar lessons, and sing along with us.
  • The theme of the Summer Camp is ‘Sustainability & Environment’. We are going to focus on how to build a safer and greener environment for the children. We will be joined by keynote speakers and Eco Activists to raise awareness on Climate change.
  • Children will be able to engage in these discussions through a series of fun activities. Our Summer Camp aims to help the children on improving their guitar skills as well as encourage them to self-directed learning.
  • Although a typical Summer camp involves hiking, canoeing, learning survival skills in the mountains, camping, storytelling, having burned marshmallows by a campfire, etc, WhatsOn Academy will try to capture all these essences from the safety of your homes.
  • Award-Winning Teacher Anupom Chakraborty will be conducting the specialized lessons. All we can promise is that you will leave with a month of wonderful memories, improved guitar skills and a lot of new friends.

So Pick up your Guitar, tune the strings, and let the music flow through your fingers to create something new to refresh your soul and mind. Join the WhatsOn family from the safety of your home for an hour of music, fun, and community. It’s an event you just can’t miss!

Class curriculum ??

  1. Basic Guitar Lessons
  2. Q/A session from the audience.
  3. Open mike session.
  4. Curriculum announcement for next class.