Wednesday Wisdom: Great Christmas books to read!

Wednesday Wisdom: Great Christmas books to read!
Wednesday Wisdom: Great Christmas books to read!

It is time to enjoy the cold evenings in front of the fire with your family and indulge in new good reads. Wrap up your little ones as our book Editor Naomi Round brings you the review of new books this Christmas season!

A Christmas Carol *****

A Christmas carol is one of the classics by Charles Dickens. Published in London in 1843, the book recounts the story of an old miser named Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge is visited by a ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley, followed by a troop of lost souls. Their visit transforms Scrooge into a better human being.

This is the perfect book to read to your young ones. This book and its message stayed with me for a long time. This particular Dickens book helps us to realize that each moment counts. Wrapped in holiday trappings with the essence of Christmas, A Christmas Carol for me started a lifelong love for Dicken’s literature.

In a Holidaze ****

Second, on our list is a more modern tale of Christmas. Written by Christina Lauren, In a Holidaze is a quintessential romantic story. The novel depicts the story of Maelyn Jones and her desperate cry to the Universe to show her the definition of happiness.

A trip to Utah follows hilarious disasters for Maelyn and she ends up stuck in a loop. The story follows her jounrey into finding her true love to break the repetitive loop and come back to reality.

The book is a light hearted romantic and questions you on your take of happiness, and finding true love.

A Princess for Christmas ****

Jenny Holiday has yet again outdone and proven her charisma in writing with her modern fairy tale, A princess from Christmas. The tale is about a New Yorker who falls for a Princess from another end of the world.

Leo Ricci’s life is tough. Between driving a cab to earn a living, looking after his sister Gabby and the Super of his apartment building in New York, Leo is juggling through life when one day he helps a real-life damsel in distress on the streets. On the other hand, we have Princess Marie od Eldovia who got the fate of her country on her shoulder. She shouldn’t be in New York hailing for a Cab but there she was taken aback by this devastating handsome cab driver who showed her kindness and compassion. When Leo agrees to tag with Marie for the rest of her trip in the hope to make some money, he didn’t expect to start falling for her.

The book is funny, romantic and a perfect read to those who still believe in the magic of Christmas. Jenny asks her readers to fall in love and believes in Fairy tales with her book, A Princess for Christmas.

A Dog’s Perfect Christmas *****

Written by the best-selling author of the A Dog’s Purpose series, W. Bruce Cameron, this book is the perfect feel-good holiday present. The story depicts the problems of the Goss family as Christmas approaches. A true emergency rises with the potential to ruin their holiday and question everything that holds their family together. Will the arrival of a lost puppy help them or will it create another string of calamities for the Goss family?

The book is beautifully written. A delightful tale of a family who open their hearts to new possibilities and embrace Love. Be ready to laugh and cry with this poignant Christmas read.

Christmas Shopaholic ***

Last to make on our list Sophie Kinsella’s Christmas Shopaholic. The book is filled with holiday cheer and unexpected gifts for young readers.

The story revolves around Becky Brandon who returned from the States to live with her best friend in Letherby. Life seems to be treating her well and she was asked to host the Christmas dinner this year. With a surprise visit from an old boyfriend and his new girlfriend, demands and expectations from her family members, the holiday turns into a chaos for her.

I have been a fan of Sophie Kinsella and she didn’t let me down this time either. The book was fun, jolly, chaotic, and everything in between. Definitely a read for leisure!