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Wednesday Wisdom: Books of This Week!

WhatsOn brings the book selection for the week. Immerse yourself in the books on the list to feed your inner bibliophile. Enjoy yourself this week by occupying yourself with the new books in your home.


In his debut book author showed, three generations of women fight against the restrictions of patriarchy.

The Weyward women of Crows Beck in Cumbria, England, have shared a special talent for connecting with nature and appearing to converse with animals for generations. However, they are all also victimized various forms of abuses and control by males.

Altha, a healer, placed on trial for witchcraft in 1619 after being spotted nearby a field. Where a farmer crushed by his cows and because her mother was thought to be a witch because of her work treating residents of the village.

In the early 1940s, hundreds of years later, Violet Ayres fights to uncover the truth about her mother. Elizabeth Weyward passed away mysteriously when Violet was a young girl, as well as her father’s oppressive scrutiny and control.

In present day, Kate Ayres has left her abusive live-in boyfriend before he learns that she is pregnant. She has taken shelter in her great-aunt Violet’s cottage as she works to rebuild her life and protect her unborn child. The ways in which women are subjected to the whims and cruelties of male supremacy are chilling and realistic. Even though at times it feels like the women’s link to nature adds an unnecessary dose of the supernatural to this already suspenseful book. Although some of the plot twists are unlikely to particularly startle readers. This is still a compelling book that captures the ways patriarchy has attempted to impose restrictions on women throughout history. As well as the ways in which women have discovered to create their own paths to freedom.

This book, which is thoughtful as well as awful, is an effective fusion of historical fiction and contemporary feminism.


The London Séance Society

The sensational bestseller THE LOST APOTHECARY’s author wrote a spellbinding story . Two courageous women who seek justice and the truth in the dangerous practice of calling the deceased.

Vaudeline D’Allaire, a renowned spiritualist, is about to conduct a sinister séance at a deserted château outside of Paris. She is highly sought after by both widows and investigators due to her skill at calling the spirits of murder victims to discover the identities of the perpetrators. Lenna Wickes has traveled to Paris in search of information regarding her sister’s passing. However in order to do so, she must accept the unknown and get over her own bias against the occult based on reasoning. Lenna travels with Vaudeline when she is invited to England to investigate a prominent murder as a role of a student. But as the women work together with the strong males of London’s elite Séance Society to solve the mystery, they start to worry that they might actually be involved in the crime they are trying to solve.

The London Seance Society

The Soulmate

Prepare yourself for Sally Hepworth’s The Soulmate. A gripping, addictive novel about marriage, betrayal, and the secrets that drive us to the brink.

On a cliff, there is a house. Dream residence for Gabe and Pippa in a sleepy coastal town. But something evil is hidden in their picture-perfect home. People frequently choose to commit suicide on the high peaks. Gabe physically talks them off the ledge each night as he comes to their aid. as long as he doesn’t.

When Pippa learns Gabe knew the victim, the questions rise… did the victim jump? Did she push?

And would Gabe, Pippa’s soul mate and the happiness of her life, lie? The deadliest secrets start to come to light as their marriage’s flawless facade starts to fall apart.

The Soulmate

The Last Russian Doll

Three generations of Russian women followed in this mysterious, epic book about betrayal, retaliation, and redemption. As it chronicles the enduring love story at its core throughout the 1917 revolution and the final days of the Soviet Union.

In an ancient world, a long-ago country…A young girl and her family—a sibling, a father, and an eccentric mother who enjoyed collecting porcelain dolls and telling fairy tales—lived contentedly in Moscow. Everything changed one summer night, leaving only the girl and her mother from that family. Rosie has an English name, a caring fiancé, and a bright future now that she is studying at Oxford University. But what she wants is to comprehend—and forget—the past. After her mother passes away, Rosie travels back to Russia with only a single key and her mother’s peculiar tradition. The shocking family history she uncovers includes the 1917 Revolution, the Leningrad siege, Stalin’s purges, and more.

The Last Russian Doll

A young noblewoman named Tonya, who is as pretty as a porcelain doll and the protagonist of this saga, is at the center of a grand narrative that spans the entire century thanks to her deeds and her love for an idealistic man….

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