Top Companies Leading the way in Ethics and Fairtrade

When you buy Fairtrade, you’re helping to combat the poor working conditions around the world, so we’ve put together just a few of the companies who are taking a stand and striving for change…check them out!
Mr Organic

Launched in February 2009 by close friends Valerio Simonetti, Carlo Buckley and Kostas Papakostas, Mr Organic hails from a family of tomato producers that goes back three generations. All Mr Organic products are 100% vegan and ethical, promoting a positive lifestyle without compromising on taste. In addition, they are free from additives, unnecessary sugar and salt, pesticides, harmful hormones and artificial flavours, colours & preservatives.
By producing all the tomato products in the brand’s own sustainable tomato production house next to the farms in Pontinia, South of Rome (or through careful selection by partner producers), Mr Organic have total control over all the ingredients and are able to produce top quality, fresh and delicious products. This also allows Mr Organic to trace back exactly where everything was grown.
The company plans to maintain their membership with Soil Association, The Guild of Fine Food, The Vegan Society and The Organic Trade Board. They will also continue to grow all of their products organically in order to cut greenhouse gas emissions and protect the surrounding wildlife.


Sambazon is the world’s leading producer of Açaí (pronounced ah-sigh-ee), the King of Amazon super foods and one of the purest, most nutritious botanicals on the planet. The only certified organic and fair trade Açaí brand in the UK, Sambazon enables Brits to experience the real Amazonian Açaí and all its health, beauty and nutritional benefits by providing completely pure, nutritious and sustainably sourced Açaí. Each delicious purchase helps preserve the rainforest while boosting health, antioxidants and omegas.
Taking its name from the core goal – Sustainable Management of the Brazilian Amazon – Sambazon aims for (and represents) a positive future of global food consumption that makes a positive impact on local communities and protects the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest.  Sambazon are also preventing deforestation with over 2,000,000 hectares saved to date and continually reinvest into the community by building local schools and hospitals.
Sambazon’s fully integrated sustainability efforts have provided community support and an improved ‘best practice’ standard for the Açaí industry as a whole. Sambazon aims to continue practicing sustainably and supporting over 30,000 small family farmers and the vast Amazon rainforest whilst operating under the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ philosophy, which measures success in three ways: economically, socially and environmentally.

When it comes to technology, very few people consider ethics and far less understand the materials and sourcing that creates smart phones. However, Fairphone are leading the way in sustainable technology.
Fairphone trace exactly where their materials come from and are the driving force in creating demands for materials that are good for people and the planet.
Fairphone’s objectives are to:
– Source materials that are less hazardous/toxic.
– Increase use of recycled and/or renewable resources.
– Source materials from mines that empower vulnerable communities or have better sustainable performance.

Cafédirect is the UK’s first and largest 100% Fairtrade hot drinks brand investing 50% into the Cafédirect Producers Foundation.  Ensuring they work directly with their producers, most of them even own shares in the business, allowing them to help drive the future and sustainability of the company.
CPF is a registered charity led by growers with exactly one beneficiary: the growers themselves. Ranging from international development donors to philanthropists and even big companies like MasterCard, CPF has grown into a powerful force for good.
The Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation’s main objective is to improve livelihoods. In order to achieve this, they start from the bottom. By organising training, education and information services by farmers for farmers, the growers are able to continually improve their crops. They’re supported in diversifying crops as well, in response to climate change in some areas. They receive advice on bookkeeping and other financial matters, ensuring their business is sustainable and prepared for the future.
Bet you have learned something new here, right? Make a difference today by finding out more about these environmentally-friendly organisations and following their day-to-day movements.
> Sheridan Rudge