‘Tomorrow X Together’ Release New Music Video

Tomorrow X Together releases an intense 19 minutes cinematic story in their MV “Eternally”

TXT has dropped a new music video “Eternally” on June 29 midnight KST. It looks intense with promising tracts and ambitious visuals, reports Anika Khan.

The new music video, which is a 19 minute 30 seconds short film for Eternally, is the latest release from their latest mini-album The Dream Chapter.

The video is split into seven different sections, with each sub-plot taking the viewers from reality into a surreal ‘dream-like world’, and each plot ends with a powerful caption.

These are the different sections in the video:

Section 1: “The night of the last day” introduces the viewers into a dystopian world filled with ruins and darkness and the members watching their predetermined future gradually slipping away into a maze of nightmare.”Isn’t there another choice we can make?” they asked.

Section 2:” The song of the star” introduces the story of the group leader Soobin ending with the caption, “Whenever I wake up from a familiar dream, I always cry.”

Section 3:”Promise” introduces Yeonjun’s story and ends with “Back then, I thought it was lending a helping hand.”

Section 4:”No. 17,” tells Beomgyu’s story and ends with “Which side should I believe?”

Section 5: “Moratorium of rest,” ends with Taehyun’s story, “We’ll be able to find a way.”

Section 6: “The girl of eternity,” tells Huening Kai’s story ending with the caption, “No matter how desperately I stretch out my hand, I can’t reach it.”

Section 7: “The beginning of the end,” shows the TXT members back to their practice room, with fears in their heart and wondering if all of it was just a dream.  The video ends by ominously revealing that, this was just the start of more chaos and confusion that the boys are unaware of.

Watch the new video, directed by Seong Wonmo, for Eternally below: