Thursday Thrills: What to do this Weekend!

Thursday Thrills: Top virtual events to attend this week!
Thursday Thrills: Top virtual events to attend this week!

Poppy Huggett brings you the top five virtual events happening this week. Make sure to stay tuned you don’t want to miss this!

Gaia House: Online Retreat for Young People

12th-15th February 2021

Gaia House is offering their annual retreat for 18-25 year old people online this year. The retreat will be offered by Gavine Milne with Gail Aylward and River Wolton assisting him. The theme of this year’s Retreat is : Love Awareness!

So prepare for exclusive meditation guidance and dharma teachings through small group meetings. All levels of experience are welcome.

To join the program: Online Weekend Retreat for Young People

For more information: Gaia House Buddhist Meditation Retreat Centre

Sherlock Holmes: An Online Adventure – The Case of the Hung Parliament

3rd February- 13th February 2021

Ever wanted to solve crimes as a top investigator? Well now you can.. from the comfort of your own home! Sherlock Holmes, the case of the hung parliament is a virtual gaming experience where you will push boundaries between theatre, escape rooms and board games. Your role is to investigate the shocking deaths of three politicians alongside baker streets finest detective. This event is running from the 3rd of February until the thirteen so if you’re a fan of Arthur Connan Doyle’s renowned novel, then this one might be for you.

For more information:

Shakespeare’s London: 1564-1616 – A Livestream History Tour

Sunday 7th February 2021

Washington, DC History & Culture presents an exciting virtual tour around the William Shakespeare era in London this Sunday evening.  You’ll be following an expert who will be visiting the surviving buildings from medieval London as well as exploring the places Shakespeare worshipped put on his plays and much more. In the words of the iconic poet himself, all the world’ a stage… even virtually.

For more information: Shakespeare’s London

Yoga for Beginners

Wednesday 10th February 2021

If you’re looking for a different event, a relaxing type perhaps, The Edinburgh university student’s association is offering free yoga classes to beginners this Wednesday at 7 pm. Get ready for an hour of tranquillity as you’re guided through relaxation. Techniques to help you relieve any tension.

For more information: Yoga for Beginners Tickets

Traditional African Cooking with Gillian

Sunday 7th February

Why not try something g different this Sunday and join a virtual cooking class alongside Gillian! This class will teach you how to make traditional African food and have a boogie whilst doing so… After finishing the prep, you’ll sit down and enjoy the meal together and have a chat about different types of African food and about what you’ve just created!

For more information: Traditional African Cooking with Gillian Tickets

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