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Thousands of Women March for “Women Rise”!

On 8th of March marks the International Women’s Day, and ahead of the day women march in London and through Manchester. In order to demand actions to protect women and girls from male violence. Supporters of Million Women Rise collective walked through the capital of Trafalgar.

They have warned that lack of actions against male violence resulted in state inflicted violence or sanctioned abuse. Protesters chanted that: “together we can end male violence” and “women are not the problem”.

People Marching In support

The aunt of murdered aspiring lawyer Zara Aleena, Farah Naz, was also at the march. Ms Naz said she is “always hopeful” that a system, which is “broken across the board” and does not protect women, can change. Failings in the probation service were among the issues which meant that Jordan McSweeney, a known perpetrator, was free to sexually assault and murder Ms Aleena in June last year.

Thousands of Women March for “Women Rise”

What are they Demanding?

“We have had enough talk. We have had enough rhetoric. Now we are demanding that those in power put girls and women’s safety at the forefront.” Speakers at the rally noted how serial rapist David Carrick kept his job in the Met despite multiple reports against him.The cost-of-living crisis have also been decimating their vital support services.

How will be the Protest?

Around 2,500 women will be marching to Manchester, some wearing the green, purple and white colors. These colors indicate the suffragette. Marchers assembled outside the Manchester Cathedral before heading for St. Peter’s. The women were in a noisy and joyful display of solidarity with chanting musics, and singing.

Thousands of Women March for “Women Rise”

Women should be given the protection and sense of protection so that they are guarded against the male violence. WhatsOn stands in solidarity with women empowerment and the protest against male violence.

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