The Rise in Pension age

Rise in Pension age for Women in the UK
Rise in Pension age for Women in the UK

According to recent foundings, the gap in pension between men and women has increased for a second consecutive year in the UK.

Last year the government increased the state pension age for women from 60 to 65. This affected 4 million women who are forced to work for another five years. For women whose retirement income solely lies on their pension, this law is nothing but a great injustice towards them.

According to the High Court in favor of this decision, introducing the same state pension age for men and women is not an unlawful act of discrimination.

Many have proposed an alternative in reducing the pension age for men instead of raising it for women. However, this is not feasible with lawmakers and people with personal agendas trying to keep the working class of men works for another 5 years.

This is a great unjust to all the working women who has paid national insurance contribution throughout their work life and was anticipating a retired life by 60. By 60 they might not still have a job or other alternative sources of income.

Modern technology and inventions have promised a more relaxing life and retirement for us. However, captalism has increased the number of hours we work and return earn less, and get less pension after retirement.