Taliban Attack Cause Around 100 People Death: Afghan Military Base

The Taliban has terribly attacked a military base and police training centre in central Afghanistan on Monday by launching a car bomb in Maidan Wardak province which killed more than 100 people, confirmed a senior defence ministry official.
After inspecting the scene Afghan security officers are saying the death toll has arose to 126 people and the Government is silent.
“We have information that 126 people have been killed in the explosion inside the military training centre, eight special commandos are among the dead,” said a senior official about the condition of anonymity.
According to the interior ministry statement, a car with full of explosives struck the base first through a military check point and exploded the vehicle inside the campus of the National Directorate of Security forces training center in Maidan Shahr, the capital of Maidan Wardak province.
Taliban used Humvee vehicles which is captured by Afghan forces.
After the explosion, two men entered the campus with gun and shot at many Afghan soldiers before being gunned down during the clashes.
“I have been in touch with the NDS official in the province and they told me that over 100 members of the NDS were killed in the big explosion,” said the former provincial official.
“Many more were killed. Several bodies were transported to Kabul city and many injured were transferred to hospitals in Kabul,” saying this Hotak added that “the government was hiding the accurate casualty figures to prevent a further dip in morale of the Afghan forces.”
However, this attack by the Taliban marked as the most serious attack till now.
> Puza Sarker Snigdha