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Tackling Fascist Menace in Erskine!

Fascism is capitalism at its rotten state. Organising against the far right means identifying the true class enemy, who is responsible for the social pressure. Fascism is the tool which has been used cynically for tackling the working class, and creating division and suppressing their revolutionary zeal.

What is the Situation?

As Britain drives deeper into the crisis of capitalism, we can witness the rise of fascist activities in the streets and also among the communities. A number of fascist groups have chosen to sow the seeds of division among the working class by targeting the asylum-seekers, who are being temporarily accommodated in hotels. Millions of refuges have been displaced due to the war, due to which the natural catastrophes, persecution, and poverty. This is not the made-up situation of themselves rather of the British fundamentalist.

How Has Far-right influenced the Situation?

England has seen working-class communities being whipped into hysteria by the far right. They took advantage of the communities that has been left isolated, underfunded and ignored. The recent riots in Liverpool, Knowsley, showed the effects of far-right influenced violence. In Scotland, this treat of the fascist condensation of the communities has been showcased in Erskine.

What happed in Erskine?

Erskine is a town set by the iconic Erskine Bridge in Renfrewshire, has been the centre of attempted fascist manipulation. Government has planned for accommodating 200-asylum seekers temporarily at the Muthu Glasgow River Hotel. Locals have expressed their concern over the lack of inputs about these plans. As the council is unaware about the whereabouts of the Home Office announcement.

How are Fascist taking advantage?

The fascist groups are taking advantage of this isolation, Patriotic Alternative (PA) has been attempting to hijack the concerns of local residents and spread Fascist propaganda throughout the community. They had planned a demonstration outside the Muthu Hotel on February 5, attempting to drag the situation and as many locals as possible. But their attempted failed miserably, when PA’s past connection with fascist activity circulated in the social media. Making their actions laughable, as the fascist fought amongst themselves, with one of them getting arrested.

How are Anti-fascist tackling with the situation?

At the most recent demonstration, Sunday February 19, which is had being called by the Young Communist League, anti-fascists, anti-racists, trade unions and locals came out again to protest against the PA fascism. A number of Erskine residents also spoke at the YCL-organized counterdemonstration, calling out the fascists who are trying to take advantage of their community. The locals have showcased their concern by chanting, “Fascist scum, off our streets!”

To root out fascism, capitalism must be tackled first. Fascism is capitalism at decay. It is vital to give our ears to the grievances of the Erskine residents. The cuts in the community services, rising energy prices, greedy landlords, deterioration of public parks etc. Public must be directed about the true class enemy that is, the capitalist class, or the ruling class. As Marx said, “workers of the world unite”, to bring down the fascism with the sea of resistance.  

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