Sunday Social: 5 wonderful gift ideas for teens!

Sunday Social: 5 wonderful gift ideas for teens!
Sunday Social: 5 wonderful gift ideas for teens!

If you’re starting to panic about presents, then fret no more, Carly Hacon got you sorted with the ultimate Christmas gift round-up for all those terrific teens out there!

1. Jigsaw Puzzle for Rebel Girls

These empowering puzzles come in both 100 and 500 pieces and include inspirational women from past and present. The jigsaws celebrate queens, activists, scientists, artists and sporting champions throughout history, in collaboration with the team behind the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. #GirlPowerGoals

Available from for £10.50

2. Harry Potter Magical Capsules

Discover the magic of Harry Potter with the newest collectable from the Wizarding World. There are 10 capsules to collect which all hide one of the famous HP characters. The mysterious unboxing experience is truly magical, with so many fantastic elements including secret ink and heat reveal. You’d be ‘riddikulus’ not to get one!

Available from Smyths and Tesco from £9.99

3. Kid Made Modern Arts & Crafts Library

The Arts and Crafts Library contains all the craft supplies you need to start your creative crafting journey. Think friendship bracelets, pom-pom monsters, pipe cleaner crowns, the possibilities of what you can create are never-ending!

Available from for £49.99

4. Squishmallows, The Fruit Squad

Squishmallows have been totally on-trend this year and to sweeten things up even more, here is The Fruit Squad! Meet Scarlet the strawberry, Austin the avocado, and Maui the pineapple (plus Wanda the watermelon, Ashley the apple, Orin the orange too!). The perfect addition to any teen’s room!

The Fruit Squad range is exclusively available in-store at Tesco for £6.99.

5. Dobble 360

Revolutionise your games of Dobble with a new mechanical twist. The aim of the game is the same: find the matching symbol between two cards. But now a rotating display means that both cards are not visible at the same time. You’ll have to use yor memory as well as your powers of observation to win. Good luck!

Available at Amazon from 29.99