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Stella McCartney Launches New Genderless Collection

Stella McCartney has been taking the lead on sustainability in the fashion industry for a while now. The designer launched her fashion house in 2001 and has continued to be progressive ever since with her sights now set on a genderless collection. 

The Stella McCartney Shared Capsule, which launches this week, takes inspiration from Generation Z (those born late 90s to early 2010s). McCartney said, “Youth today are naturally open-minded and fluid with gender. How they inclusively celebrate diversity and individuality is beautiful.”

The collection caters neither to her female following nor fashion forward men. The Shared Capsule is for everyone who wants to wear it with it’s boxy fits and bold prints. McCartney’s choice for a roomier fit makes the collection comfortable for any figure. 

McCartney has also chosen eco-friendly fabrics for her clothing. The parkas are made out of recycled polyester whereas t-shirts and sweatshirts are all made from 100% cotton. Using 100% cotton needs 70% less water than regular commercial cotton and is free from pesticides and toxic chemicals. 

Young people of today are especially aware of social and climate change, making the genderless and eco-conscious collection perfect for Gen Z. 

The Stella McCartney Shared Capsule is available online and in the label’s stores from 1st September.

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