Soulja Boy calls Kanye West a “coward” for cutting him from ‘D.O.N.D.A.’

After left off, the rapper Kanye Wests’ new album ‘D.O.N.D.A.’ Soulja Boy has hit out at west and has branded him a “coward.”

Soulja mentions Kanye misused his time by reaching out to him for a collab on Ye’s new track, “Remote Control.”

The 27-track album arrived after multiple delays and three high-profile listening events. It also features JAY-Z, Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Lil Baby, Kid Cudi, Pusha T.

Soulja Boy and Ariana Grande were also set to appear on the record. But when the total credits for ‘D.O.N.D.A.’ were revealed, they saw nowhere.
Soulja Boy has shared his anger at not being notified of his removal from the album, calling Kanye a “coward” for the act in a statement. he said

“You know for a fact that Kanye’s not going to let nobody release his album without his permission… you know, just say you fucked up and left [me] off the album,”

Soulja says he’s got plenty of better things to do than link up with Kanye for work that never sees the light of day. But he also wanted to explain the situation to his fans “so they not in the dark about the whole situation,” the rapper said that he wouldn’t be against collaborating with Kanye again in the future.

The eventual release of ‘D.O.N.D.A.’ made confused the other collaborations on the album.

West took to social media to claim that Universal, the parent company for Def Jam Recordings, and West’s G.O.O.D. Music imprint put the album out without his approval.