So When You Gonna

dream wife

Artist, Dream Wife

Dream Wife are a dream band for many. Pop hooks settle snuggly into an indie rock frame while the cutting edge to their music is lifted straight from second generation punk. They tick so many boxes that it’s hard to  see any flaws. So When You Gonna… has all the continuity you want to simply press play and listen while being diverse enough to satisfy the more demanding listener.

Rakel Mjöll’s vocals manage to be cute and empowered at the same time. Throughout the whole of the album there’s a sense of much the same thing, everything is done on their terms and without outside influence.  The result is a blindingly refreshing set of songs that gel together perfectly. The quite stark production lifts the tone bringing every little detail into sharp focus. It’s a bold statement that allows Mjoll’s voice to shine.  The Icelandic inflection through the lyrics hints at Bjork but no more than that. Dream Wife have laid the foundations of something special, let’s hope they can build on that equally as well.