Sispiya Banerjee Releases ‘Adure Haowa’

Adure Haowa
Adure Haowa

Indian Bengali Musician Sispiya Banerjee releases her new song ‘Adure Haowa’.

This song is a mixture of new modern Bengali tune where Sispiya delivered the song with a soft romantic approach.

Along with her voice, Sispiya also acted in front of the camera with her charming posture.

Watch the song below

After releasing the song, Suspiya wrote on social media, “ADURE HAOWA is officially released from Asha Audio. If you like our work, Please do SHARE-LIKE-COMMENT.”

“‘Adure Haowa’ needs all of your Blessings and Support.Thanks again,” She added.

The music of the song arranged by Pt. Prattyush Banerjee and the soulful lyrics and composition provided by Arunasish Roy.

The song is available on Asha Audio’s official youtube channel.