Ricky Whittle reveals the plot of “American Gods” S3

Ricky Whittle teases on
Ricky Whittle teases on "American Gods" Season 3

The lead star of “American Gods”, Ricky Whittle revealed the fan to expect murder mysteries in the upcoming season. Anika Khan reports.

The TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s 2001 Mythological fantasy novel ” American God” has stirred quite a buzz. Ricky Whittle who playss,’ Shadow Moon’ in the series has revealed snippets of the plot from the third upcoming season.

The actor revealed that Season three will become “like a murder mystery for Shadow in Lakeside”. “it’s my favourite part of Neil Gaiman’s book”, he added.

Whittle also said that the season will reflect a jounrey of self discovery for his role.

The series details the war between gods. We have the old gods who are the traditional ones found in mythologies all around the world and the new gods who reflect the science, media, tech, and power of the modern world.

“American Gods” is a Scifi Fantasy series with dark comedy, romance, and drama. The series also promotes the beauty of different races, gender, and nationalities. Season 1 and 2 of the series are available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Watch the official trailer of ‘American Gods’ Season 3 below: