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Racists Targets a Mosque to counter “Celebration of Diversity”!

Racists targeted a mosque in Dewsbury in West Yorkshire were countered by a “celebration of diversity”. A group, calling themselves the English Constitutional Party, staged a rally next to mosque.

Why the mosque has been targeted?

The rally was attended by only a handful of the group. The mosque is a listed building which was bought for use as a place of worship in December last year. Its new owners restored the building which had been semi-derelict.

What have the racists done so far?

The rally followed an incident on April 7, a Friday, in which a group of youths shouted abuse at worshipers, including children, attending the mosque for prayers in the fasting period of Ramadan. On Saturday, anti-racists including Stand Up to Racism and members of public-sector union Unison staged a celebration of diversity in Dewsbury town center at the same time. It is understood that the mosque asked that there be no confrontation against the racists’ rally.

What are the consequences?

Stand Up to Racism co-convener Weyman Bennett said: “Racists and fascists have targeted Dewsbury for hate campaigns before, and always they have been defeated and driven out, including the Britain First movement in 2016. “Ten days ago, abuse was shouted at worshipers leaving their mosque after Ramadan prayers.

“A handful of racists gathered near the mosque on Saturday to peddle their vile abuse and hatred, while anti-racists celebrated diversity. “The community is uniting against the racists as they have done before. “Like their predecessors, these racists will be opposed wherever they appear and will be driven out of the community.”

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