Petals For Armor

Hayley Williams
Hayley Williams

Artist: Hayley Williams

It’s a big risk for any band member to fly the nest and begin a solo career. Paramore front gal Hayley Williams has something of a reputation to uphold too given that personnel changes a while back contributed to something of a decline. Williams is a grafter though, she worked extremely hard on her vocals at the beginning of her career and now it’s obvious that she’s also been beavering away in other areas too. Petals For Armor (fab title) shows off a new side to Williams but retains just enough familiarity to draw band fans in. It’s a work that has one foot firmly in pop territory but has kooky and edgy facets that make it more than just interesting. Importantly the song writing stands up to close scrutiny with some delicious arrangements that show off Williams voice perfectly. Petal For Armor ticks all the boxes making this a debut solo album that will enhance the career of the Paramore vox to the point where the band may be viewed in the future as merely a starting point. This could be the surprise hit of 2020.

Rating: 5/5

By Gary Trueman