Outside in the Morning Snow


Artist: Bearcraft

From their upcoming LP, Fabrefactions, comes their new single release, Outside in the Morning Snow, by Bristol-based collective, Bearcraft. 

Outside has a somewhat sombre and haunting sound straight from the start and leaves in its wake a mixture of both drama and peril. The song is a beautiful mixture of chilling synth-pop energy fused together with ghostly harmonies and full-bodied lyrics.

Lyrically the song tells a story, or situation, of impending doom be it either from opposing political fractions or from the rough side of nature itself. For a song that is just over three minutes long it wastes no time in setting a chilling and dark landscape where political upset and misery or an unpleasant, unstoppable force of nature is only just round the corner.

There is a line in the lyric, “I could almost hear the trees sigh”, which helps set the dark scene in the landscape of the song and two and a half minutes into the song the melody takes an even darker turn. Don’t be too surprised if you find yourself hitting the repeat button; in fact, go on, I dare you.

Overall, Outside in the Morning Snow is an amazing track with cleverly written witty lyrics and good usage of 80’s style synth-pop sounds which make it sound even darker. In just as many ways it is equally as enchanting as it as spooky to listen to.

Fantastic listening pleasure.

Listen to the track below: