Top five photo editing apps to try!


If there’s one thing we know in these scary scary times, it’s how to stay as productive as we can and not let this situation make us miss a beat. Today we are suggesting five cool photo editing apps that you can try because, well, now is the best time to relive sunny vacations and getaways and upload some cool photos for social media while you’re at it. So here’s our favorite apps for you to try:
• VSCO: if you haven’t heard of VSCO yet, you’re one of the few. Created by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze, VSCO, formerly VSCO cam, is fun for those who just want to play with some Instagram like filters, but is also a powerful editing tool to get professional quality photos with your own presets if you’re feeling experimental. It also gives you the option to share your photos with their community. This app gets our full thumbs up!
• Snapseed: Released by Google, Snapseed is a favorite among Instagram influencers. Snapseed not only gives you a range of subtle filters to choose from, but also has a range of tools that can transform the entire mood of your photos. Snapseed is available for iOS and Android devices and has the power to turn your photos into amazing captures!
• Pixlr: Not as popular anymore but we love Pixlr for its easy collage to edit to upload feature. Whereas the other apps on this list have a professional bend to them, Pixlr is just hours of photo-editing fun. Use Pixlr for themed photos, artwork displays and so much more!
• Adobe Lightroom: Now we introduce the more serious photo editing tools. Not really for beginners, Lightroom is perfect for those who have always wanted to learn about professional photo editing but never had the time before. With handy tutorials available everywhere online, take a weekend to navigate the tools and presets. Once you get the hang of it, you can pretty much edit your photos into amazing creations anywhere!
• Photoshop Express: Another app for editing enthusiasts, Photoshop Express is a less tool heavy version of Adobe Photoshop. With easy tap access to tools, Photoshop Express also has the fun aspect of editing AND decorating photos. Like Lightroom, there are plenty of fun tutorials online if the concept of navigating any form of Photoshop intimidates you. But overall, the app is sleek, easy to use, and so much fun!

We hope you like our recommendations, What’s On is going to be producing more lists for fun activities to do at home to remind ourselves that it’s okay to take break from all the worrying. Remember to take time to unwind and do fun projects with your family, like taking amazing photos and posting your quarantine adventures online!

By Tanzia Haq