Most Hyped Upcoming Game Titles of 2019-2020

By Joshua John- Brandy
Below are some of the most hyped games that you could be expecting in late 2019, early 2020
Death Stranding              
Kojima’s latest development, Death stranding, takes players on a journey where the future of civilization is in their hands. They’ll trek the lands where shadows roam whilst reuniting the strands of society, playing as Sam bridges to build tomorrow. Players must not only protect themselves, but also the infants carried with them; officially known as “Bridge Babies”- the key to connecting the living and the dead. The dead is alive, and every time the player dies the choices the players make will affect what happens on the other side.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Respawn Entertainment is tackling another force in their new upcoming Star Wars video game. Players will wear the shoes of Cal Kestis as they embark on a new story of discovering the past in a future rid of Jedi. An action-packed voyage in the stars will reunite Cal with the force, and using the traditional, but customisable lightsaber and the BD-1 droid sitting on Cal’s back will fight back the dark side- especially the main antagonist Second sister, a former member of the Jedi order who fell to the dark side.

Biomutant is a post-apocalyptic RPG set in an unusual universe where the land is filled with mutated animals; including the main protagonist, a raccoon-like creature that can walk on two legs, run, swim, and fight; so the usual. Players will be immersed in a threat filled open- world, able to explore the highs and lows, fight the small and large whilst familiarising themselves with a range of different weapons and customisations. As an RPG, players aren’t accustomed to only one style of play, the martial arts system allows players to maximise agility, shooting and melee controls.

Cyberpunk 2077
From the makers of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt; ‘Grand Prize’ winners at the ‘Game Awards’ 2015, CD Project Red are at it again on a massive scale open-world game, Cyberpunk 2077. Night city, a fictional city is the map of the game, although the player will be able to explore other outer areas.  The main protagonist in this futuristic world will be V, a Cyberpunk- and the players will be taking on ‘the city itself,’ as said by the game’s developers.  This is a dangerous world… nowhere is safe.