Corona Virus Deaths Reach 563

Corona Virus Deaths Reach 563
Corona Virus Deaths Reach 563

The death caused by corona virus in China has reached 563 including almost 3,000 new cases reported, on Wednesday.
In an attempt to develop a vaccine the health experts have planned to meet in Geneva and Japan reported 10 more infections among passengers aboard a luxury cruise liner quarantined outside Yokohama.
U.S. goods with a tariff rate of 10% would be reduced to 5%, while products that have a tariff rate of 5% would fall to 2.5%, said the Ministry of Finance of China on Thursday.
“The researchers around the world are working very hard,” saying this David Harper added,
“We feel that we’re within a matter of weeks of the animal tests that are necessary before we go into the trials of the vaccine in humans, which could take some months of course, but still very much shorter than we would normally expect for a vaccine of this type.”
China says the corona virus is spreading in other countries very fast. Japan now has 40 virus cases. n Hong Kong, a cruise ship with about 3600 passengers and the crew was quarantined for a second day on Thursday pending testing after three positive cases onboard.
Canada has told its citizens to leave China by commercial means. Taiwan has banned all international cruise ships from docking.
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