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Film Friday: 4 New Movies to Watch This Week

If you are looking for some astounding new movies to dive into then you, my friend have come to the right place. With a whole load of great new releases every week sometimes it becomes hard to choose which films to invest your precious time in. That’s why we are here with our picks of 4 new movies to watch this week that can provide you with a delightful time. So stay tuned till the end to find out all about them.

1. Creed 3

Genre> Drama, Sports.

If you are a fan of the Creed movies or better yet the whole Rocky franchise then this one won’t need an introduction. This 9th installment in the Rocky franchise indeed managed to drop a lot of jaws and earned a worthy place among its predecessors.

In the film, our beloved protagonist Adonis has been thriving in both his career and personal life. But when a friend and former boxing prodigy from the past crawled back into his life, their iconic face-off becomes more than just a boxing match.

Firstly, this time Micheal B. Jordan both starred in and directed the movie. And it goes without saying that he triumphed in both. All the action sequences were such a treat for the eyes and the emotional moments were heart-touching. Moreover, it’s bound to say that Jonathan Majors has created just the perfect antagonist for the films and his performance was, as usual, enchanting. So dive into it without a doubt.

Main Cast> Micheal B. Jordan, Jonathan Majors, Tessa Thompson, Florian Munteanu.

2. Unseen

Genre> Horror, Thriller.

If you are looking for a horror thriller that can keep you on your toes till the very end then voila! This very fresh new release is all set to provide you with a bone-chilling experience.

This offbeat thriller movie revolves around two unique characters, Sam a gas station clerk, and Emily a nearly blind woman. The story takes its pace when Sam receives a call from Emily who is being chased by her murderous ex in the woods. Now Sam has to become her eyes to help her survive this life-threatening situation.

Firstly, the plot of the movie is surely a fresh take on the thriller genre. Besides the film has received a whole lot of praise from the critics. So if you are for a couple of hours filled with suspense and a breath-holding storyline then it’s a must-try for you.

Main Cast> Missi Pyle, Midori Francis, Jolene Purdy, Ren Hanami, Micheal Patrick Lane.

3. Sissy

Genre> Horror, Comedy, Drama, Indie.

With a bag full of great releases in 2022, many amazing movies got overlooked by many. So it’s only fair that we include one of them on our list. Sissy is a daring indie film from Australia that was highly admired by a lot of critics and fans.

In the story, two high-school besties Cecilia and Emma run into each other after a very long time. Cecilia gets invited to Emma’s bachelorette weekend where she gets stuck in a remote cabin with her high-school bully and the whole turns into a tale of revenge,

This offbeat film perfectly blends multiple genres like horror, comedy, and drama. Moreover, with a fresh new tone the film ventures through a lot of daring choices. But most importantly, the casting of the film is just brilliant, making the overall performances enchantingly good.

Main Cast> Aisha Dee, Hannah Barlow, Emily De Margheriti, Yerin Ha, Lucy Barrett, Daniel Monks.

4. Ora 7 Jon

Genre> War, History.

Finally, we have this mesmerizing Bangladeshi film to watch in the month of independence. Ora 7 Jon is a unique movie that depicts a daring and powerful story from the Bangladeshi Liberation War.

The movie is based on the heroic tale of a squad of seven brave freedom fighters, called ‘Nishachar Bahini’. Highlighting the grisly situation during the liberation war, the squad dives into a deadly two-day-long mission. But the tides get turned and the story gets intense when the mission extends to seven days.

The film successfully showcases a glimpse of the horror and brutality that the people of this country faced during the 9 months of the hellish war. With the incredible performances by the cast and fairly strong storytelling, the film is all set to keep you invested till the very end. On top of that, the suspenseful and emotional tone of the movie makes it all the more mesmerizing. Ora 7 Jon is already on the hype in at least 26 theaters across Bangladesh. So grab your tickets without a doubt.

Main Cast> Zakia Bari Mamo, Intekhab dinar, Imtiaz Barshon, Saif Khan, Khalid Mahbub Turjo, Shahriar Ferdous Sazeeb, Joy Raj, and Hamidur Rahman. 

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