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Naomi Osaka, the new face of Victoria’s Secret!

Victoria’s Secret has a new face, none other than the Tennis champion Superstar Naomi Osaka. 

According to sources, Naomi has officially signed on to be part of Victoria’s Secret’s VS Collective. It is a new initiative put in place by the retailer Victoria’s Secret, as they are working on rebranding as a more inclusive and diverse brand. 

Naomi joins models Paloma Elsesser, Valentina Sampaio, Hailey Bieber, and athletes Megan Rapinoe and Eileen Gu, among others.

Naomi Osaka talked about deciding to be the face of such a famous brand. She said, ‘After learning and understanding VS’s vision for the Collective, I was inspired to join these amazing women. 

‘I remember going into VS stores when I was a kid and wondering why none of the women on the wall looked like me. As a collective, we can inspire the next generation from all different backgrounds, cultures, and sizes. That represents such progress to me.’ 

Naomi shared her thoughts over this new journey that she is too excited to join the collective and has a favorite item from the brand, which is the one item perfect for relaxation and self-care. 

She said, ‘My go-to items are the flannel pajama sets.

‘Not only do I like them for relaxing at home, but they make a great gift, as it’s something everyone can use.’ 

The chief design officer at Victoria’s Secret, Janie Schaffer, addressed Naomi as a “natural choice” for the Collective. 

‘She exudes such positive energy and continues to inspire women across the globe with her courage, determination, and honesty. We are honored to be partnering with Naomi to help drive positive change,’ Janie Schaffer said. 

Naomi Osaka joins VS Collective

Sharing her joy on Instagram, Naomi wrote, ‘Happy to finally share that I am joining the @victoriassecret #VSCollective. Very excited and proud to join an incredible group of women. Wouldn’t have thought this was possible as a child and I’m so glad there’s more representation in the world now. Can’t wait to share/show you guys how I’ll be partnering with VS.’

After becoming the new face, Naomi is now making her first appearance as a member of the Collective on the VS Voices podcast and discussing her career and her hopes for the future with host Amanda de Cadenet.

Naomi talked about her plans on spending more time designing, her “main focus off the court.” So, what does that mean? Are we going to see Naomi-designed PJs for VS collection soon!

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