Music Review: ‘Dangerous’ by S-X

Music Review: ‘Dangerous’ by S-X
Music Review: ‘Dangerous’ by S-X

‘Dangerous’ is the banger you didn’t know you needed.

The latest single from S-X is a perfect tune for this time of year; I can picture myself watching it in the sun in my garden but also looking out of a rainy window pretending I’m in the music video (which is equally sick). It’s a real vibe. 

Sam Gumbley, as he’s otherwise known, is a producer-turned-singer whose songs always hit the right spots with their incredible and hard-hitting beats and moody lyrics. 

I’ve been a fan of his for a while now and have even been lucky enough to see him on tour in London. With this knowledge I feel comfortable enough to say that ‘Dangerous’ would be a whole experience if viewed live. 

Sam’s falsetto isn’t as prevalent in this song but it’s a refreshing new flow from the Wolverhampton artist. Lyrics like..

“ I’m losing the war with my thoughts

Lock the door

What I saw is I’m too damn dangerous ”

… just roll off the tongue and it certainly didn’t take me long to be singing along with the times I’ve listened to this track. 

I for one can’t wait to see what is next from S-X as I dare you to listen to this song and try to resist your head bobbing and your ‘that’s a disgusting beat’ face being brought out.