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Music Monday: Music Tracks of this Week!

Utilize this week’s fantastic musical entertainment to get rid of your Monday blues. While you wait for some this week, listen to some newly released music. Music editor Adam Humphreys has compiled a list of the newest song releases this week.

Michael Hamilton’s – “Glimmer” swoops and soars on gossamer wings of violin and synths!

What do you get when you combine synths, violins, beats and dance sounds with ambient tunes in the background? Michael Hamilton’s latest single, Glimmer. Scottish music maestro combines classical music with electronic and ambient sounds to make something that is probably quite impressive. Now when you think about violins and electronic synths it’s not something that normally goes together but every so often you get a track which just reminds you of its actual possibilities


As always with Michael is that his signature genius is that he lays down the vocals on his music, he lets that do the talking. If music had the ability to represent calm and lively, this goes back-and-forth between both



SCOTT MATTHEWS – releases breath-taking new single My Selfless Moon + announces UK tour!

Ahead of his upcoming tour, singer songwriter and musician, Scott Matthews, wears his heart on his sleeve with his latest release, My Selfless Moon. Scott basically allows his emotions to let loose as he describes his love to his beloved, offering himself, being a physical and emotional guide. The art of displaying your emotions is an art in itself as you’re placing yourself into a corner from which escape is impossible.


Selfless Moon also shows us the flipside of bearing things until you’ve nothing more to give, you find strength from others. When it comes to pouring out both the emotions, soul and heart onto the paper Scott shows no fear in this

Scott Matthews

New single ‘My Selfless Moon’ out 17th March 2023

New album ‘Restless Lullabies’ out 28th April 2023

Label: Shedio Records

UK tour begins next month starting at Selby on 14/4/23 to 10/6/23 before taking a few months and finishing at London on the 24/11/23

Holly Henderson – releases reflective fuzzy epic ‘Back After Sunrise’

British singer songwriter musician Holly Henderson looks back on past decisions and the afterthoughts of them in her latest song, Back After Sunrise. Reminiscing is a strong theme here as Holly was inspired by actual situations in her that were affected by other factors. Her vocals are comforting and soft, you can hear some emotions in her tone as she sings about looking back on past moments and trying to understand the very feelings which surround them. Fast forward a year or more do you still feel the same, is there shame or relief or are you still undecided. Time spent making the decision and pondering it.


Holly was due to move across the pond to the USA but the Covid pandemic lockdown caused that to stop. You can understand why she needed something of an emotional outlet. This is where she demonstrates what she can do when armed with a guitar and her voice

Sophomore album “The Walls” out now via Ivy RecRods.

Etienne de Crecy – Super Discount

Released back in 1996 by French DJ and Producer Etienne Bernard Marie de Crecy, better known by his stage name Etienne de Crecy, Super Discount comes from his debut album also of the same title. The other being My Contribution to Global Warming.

Discount is credited as one of the releases that helped the disco sound of the 90’s in France.

Q Magazine even rated it into their list of The Best 25 Dance Albums Ever. When it comes to French dance music be it electronic, house or dance, French music maestros have definitely earned the self-proclaimed title fair and square

Check out the video for yourself and admire the sounds. Up to you how you rate the dancing in the video.

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