Music Monday: Latest Music releases of this week!

Music Monday: Latest Music releases of this week!
Music Monday: Latest Music releases of this week!

Hello music lovers! WhatsOn is here with the top 5 music releases of this week that you should definitely add to your playlist! Check out Music Monday curated by our Music Editor, Adam Humphries.

SITREKIN releases spellbinding single ‘Open Chest’ on all major digital platforms!

Danish singer-songwriter has released a new single called, Open Chest, and it will be available on all known major platforms this month.

As a single, Open Chest, has quite a melodic and smooth opening and Sitrekin’s vocals are both soft and haunting. Vocally, she sets quite a somber scene in the flow of the song. As a singer, she is pretty much in a similar vein to Billie Ellish and Kate Bush in that she sounds almost ghost-like when she opens her mouth. Yet, there is something about this that is both intriguing and seductive that.

What is interesting about the song is the subject matter she is singing about as, first and foremost, it is about the human emotion of love and pain of separation. Yet, on the flip side, there is also the feeling of self-empowerment, letting go whilst also longing for the other.As an artist, this song pays really well on Sitrekin’s strengths as it demonstrates just how genius she is in terms of writing the music, singing it and making a great track that makes great listening.

Glasgow legend Ewan MacFarlane drops euphoric new single ‘Underneath Your Spell’

Our upcoming Scottish singer, otherwise known as, Ewan MacFarlane (no relation to Seth MacFarlane) has released another new single, Underneath Your Spell, and it sounds like an absolute corker of a track.

Over the past few years, Ewan has been steadily making a name for himself as a solo artist since his days in Northern Grime Social, and by the look and sound of it, he seems to be doing quite well for himself.

Underneath Your Spell is about the feeling of euphoria when you are completely in love with that special someone and just wanting to be with them all the time.

As a rock song it actually quite an upbeat, uplifting one and where you would no doubt find yourself singing along to the chorus. The song is packed full of strong guitar riffs and steady-paced drum beats as well the piano which adds just that bit more depth and body to the song. For a love song, it’s in a similar sort of vein to The Calling’s ‘Wherever you might go’ and has that American rock sound to it. You can hear the passion in Ewan’s voice when he sings and is not afraid of singing about what he feels.

SEAFOAM GREEN release powerful Americana ballad ‘Maggie’

Our infamous Irish Americana music-loving duo is back with a new single called Maggie. The song is about the emotional feelings within a relationship and asking yourself the question as to whether your love is enough for that special someone.

The music in the song is a somewhat interesting one as it sounds like it should be a dark, upsetting one yet it somehow isn’t completely. Think of heartbreak in a song but it’s only that if you stay in the relationship rather than facing the inevitable and sparing yourself a possible upset.

The lyrics in the song “what if your love is, not enough” is actually quite clever as it is all about a flip-reverse perspective as asking about whether you should really sacrifice your happiness just for somebody else for the sake of their heart. For a song that’s 4 minutes 49 seconds, it’s actually quite a good one.

Weekend Recovery’s LORI says ‘I’m Still Here’ with electro-pop gem!

Everyone, may I introduce you to London-based singer-songwriter, Lori, who is also attached to Weekend Recovery, and this time she is going it alone. And by the sound of it she’s making some pretty damn good progress, and that is what this EP of hers, I’m Still Here, is. An absolute gem of an EP. This is electro-pop at its best with some incredible and some dark edges making it all the more genius to listen to.

Her EP, I’m Still Here, consists of four singles; Harlequin, Release Me, I’m Still Here, and What You Did. Altogether, the four tracks were produced in the space of 18 months and are all about the artist’s struggles with mental health. In a way, each track is about certain moments of her life and what it was like for her in those specific times, how she coped, what she felt.

On the whole, the EP basically talks about her life and what she has had to endure just to get to where she is now.

What is good about this EP is that in all four of her songs Lori doesn’t shy away from wearing her heart on her sleeve and talking about her emotions. It’s her way of saying that despite everything she’s had to put up with she’s still here and is here to stay.

Overall, her song-writing is that good on all four songs it would be almost impossible to pick out a single favorite they’re all that good.