Music Monday: Kaky returns with quirky new single “La Flemme”

Music Monday: Kaky returns with quirky new single
Music Monday: Kaky returns with quirky new single "La Flemme"

The infamous French electro/dance singer, songwriter, and musician, Kaky, is back with a new single ‘La Flemm’. Adam Humphries reports.

It is an upbeat track that is 3 minutes and 4 seconds long that has got a nice free-running tempo and the lyrics, as you will have no doubt guessed are in Kaky’s home tongue of French. In some ways this adds a bit more depth and feeling to the song, especially when introduced to other nations, makes you want to listen to them more.

La Flemme, according to the man himself, is about how kooky our lives can be, especially in fast-paced city living, which at the moment would not be entirely out of place. It is also about how lazy you could feel in some contexts.

As far as songs go it could easily slot in quite nicely considering what’s going on in our daily city-dwelling lives right now.

As you would expect, the video for this song is just as kooky as the song itself and has the stamp of Kaky’s creativity on it. Just take a camcorder, a few gimmicks, a couple of items of transport, some quirky post-video effects then just let your mind go bit. That’s Kaky’s video for this.