Music Monday: 5 new music releases to add to your playlist!

Music Monday: 5 new music releases to add to your playlist!

Keep yourself updated with the trending music with these top 5 trending music of this week!

‘Your Power’ by Billie Eilish

The 18-year-old Grammy star is back with her powerful and hugely anticipated second album. ‘Your Power’ is a chilling ballad that can seep under the skin of the listeners. Eilish uses a disarmingly dreamy sound to confront a man who preys on a young woman. The music on the surface has nothing but an acoustic guitar and Eilish’s reverb-drenched voice. The music of the song dials down the electronic horror-movie soundtrack approach from her previous albums.

‘Confetti’- Little Mix ft. Saweetie

Former X factor winners, Little Mix recruited the Queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race the UK for their latest music video, “Confetti”. It is the first video they have shot without their former group member, Jesy Nelson who left the group last December to focus on her mental health. The new remix of “confetti” stars the new queen of the Bay, Saweetie, and is directed by Samuel Douek. The song is catchy, grippy, and will definitely turn your party mood on.

‘House on the Hill’ – Seafoam Green

‘House on the Hill’, the new single by male/female duo, Seafoam Green, and straight from the get-go it’s filled with gritty vocals, guitar riffs that pack a punch or two, and some piano on the backing.

Straight from their forthcoming, Martin’s Garden, House on the Hill is a fusion of grittiness, alt-rock, and southern rock with some blues packed in and has that ‘Southern State’ sound to it. For a song that’s 4 minutes and 2 seconds long it is actually quite upbeat and energetic without going too crazy and in your face which is what you would normally expect from some rock songs.

‘Push that way’ – The LYONZ

Canada’s musical beasts, also referred to as Canada’s best-kept secret have released their latest new single, Push That Way, and it actually sounds really, really good.

Push That Way is just 3 minutes 53 seconds long and yet it packs a lot in.The song is a mixture of both hip-hop and cosmic which is somewhat interesting as you never really think of those two sounds mixing together, let alone creating something this good. But either way, hear it is and it sounds simply awesome. If you like your hip-hop sounds then the chances are you are probably going to like this one.

‘Drinking Tang’ – Thee More Shallows

Drinking Tang is the new single from American-based indie/pop trio, Thee More Shallows, for something that’s 3 minutes and 53 seconds long it doesn’t actually sound all that bad.

The opening sounds reminiscent of something similar to both Bryn Adams and Sting, but non-the-less sounds really good once it gets going after a few moments. In terms of Tang as a song, it’s quite melodic for a track that has a persistent use of steady guitar riffs throughout.



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