Music Monday: 4 songs about environment & climate change

Music Monday

Our music editor Adam Humphries brings you the top music that is about the environment and climate change! Make sure to add them to your playlist!

Feels Like Summer by Donald Glover

It was released only a couple of years ago, but the lyrics are still just as relevant today as they ever were. If you have ever listened carefully, you will know straight from the get-go what Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is on about. Lyrically, the songs are about the issue of rising temperatures and Donald addresses the issue in a way that is both clever but without being in-your-face in an over-the-top sort of way. In the song, he speaks about how each summer is hotter than the one before and how water supplies and sources are gradually depleting as a result of this “Every day gets hotter than the one before/Running out of water, it’s about to go down/Go down”

All The Good Girls Go To Hell – Billie Eilish

A great song was written by both Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas. The song is somewhat grungy, low-beat, and almost dance/rock-like. The lyrics are both edgy yet hit a raw point in regards to current modern-day issues. The song itself is about how both God and the Devil, decide to antagonize and torture the human race due to their behavior and treatment towards the Earth “All the good girls go to hell cos they’ve got no souls”. In the video to the song, Billie plays an angel covered in oil and is walking through a deserted street littered with fires.

Earth Song by Michael Jackson

It is a hit song from the ’90s by the King of Pop himself. The lyrics themselves in the song “Look at what we’ve done to the world/Look at what we’ve done” are a direct reference to human influence on the planet in regards to the environment, and one of the issues that Michael talks about is a direct reference to Climate Change. As human beings as a society, we have caused much damage to the Earth, which has led to economic disasters and loss of wildlife habitats. The video for this sees Michael walking through a desecrated land (presumably due to human interaction) whilst reminiscing about the former beauty of nature. This is intertwined with shots of people who’ve suffered as a result of conflict and various other disasters. The video ends on a high note when there’s a sudden strong wind which presumably reverses time restoring Earth to its former glory.

The 1975 by The 1975 (2019 song)

This was a co-written piece by both the band themselves and Swedish Climate Activist, Greta Thunberg. The song is more of an impassioned speech by Thunberg herself and is just under 5 minutes long. The accompanying video is a still shot set to instrumental background music with Greta’s speech whilst the text (of the speech) scrolls up the screen