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Monday Music: Jessica Wilde keeps the heat on with ‘Cruel P2 ft. Laville’

Jessica Wilde has been in both the public eye and British music scene for over a year now but that doesn’t seem to have stopped her going from strength to strength, or slowly but surely making waves on the scene. Or on the actual airwaves.

She has even made it onto Spotify’s Official Pride Playlist this month so that at least gives you some idea of just how much she has progressed in her musical career.

I am course talking about &B/Pop singer, Jessica Wilde, and this time she has got her new album which will be coming out later this year.

As part of the achievement in her progress, she has made a surprise A/B Side: Cruel P2 ft. Laville’/ ‘Drugs Don’t Work which went out at the beginning of this month.

Laville, who worked with her on this song has also added their verse onto this track. Have a listen and see if you can hear whereabouts it is ?

For anyone who’s ever listened to Jessica’s music will know that she has never been one to shy away from expressing her emotions when it comes to singing about her life. Basically, this woman is an incredible singer-songwriter who wears her heart on her sleeve with pride and isn’t afraid to go to the darkest places of the human heart.

What is quite genius in the lyrics is that a couple of the lines aren’t sung but are spoken, just doing that gives both sides of the A/B Side just that bit extra edge.

And if you want to check out the video for the second half of the B-Side, use the link below. It’s been done using a handheld camera and was all done in one take. Clever and creative I’ve got to say.

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