Men’s Health Forum!


Someone missing from your life?

At this time of year, we notice our missing men even more.

In the UK, one man in every five dies before the age of 65. It could be heart disease. It could be cancer. It could be related to mental health. Or Covid-19. All of these kill men prematurely. But one thing all these men have in common is that they’re partners, brothers, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, mates … At your gathering of family or friends, is there always someone missing?

The Men’s Health Forum is the UK charity working to beat ALL premature male deaths.

We want to raise awareness of all men’s health issues, to end ‘one size fits all’ health care and to demand health strategies that meet the needs of both women and men.

Yes, one man in five in the UK dies before he is even old enough to retire. We all miss them. We’re all affected. Together we can change it.