Jonny Greenwood’s Soundtrack For Princess Diana’s Biopic

Jonny Greenwood's Soundtrack For Princess Diana's Biopic
Jonny Greenwood's Soundtrack For Princess Diana's Biopic

The legendary Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood has declared that he’s releasing a soundtrack album of his music for the new Princess Diana biopic, Spencer. Spencer directed by Pablo LarraĆ­n. Starring Kristen Stewart in the lead role as the late Princess Diana.

According to the film’s composer, the life of Diana, Princess of Wales, will use “paranoia and oppression” in a way similar to a horror movie.

The film also marks Greenwood’s ninth soundtrack. The movie premiered on September 3 at The Venice International Film Festival and has a US cinema release on November 5.

Jonny Greenwood says Spencer is “not as easy a viewing experience” as Netflix’s The Crown.

The film is set over a weekend in the early 1990s when Diana, Kristen Stewart, played about joining the royal family for Christmas at the Queen’s Sandringham estate. It imagines what might have happened over those few days when her marriage to the Prince of Wales has become confusing, but she is still grateful to join the family celebrations.

Greenwood provided the soundtracks for films such as Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread and Lynne Ramsay’s You Was Never Really Here earlier. In Spencer’s score, he said he only used an orchestra of jazz and baroque musicians to create “a level of chaos.”

In a statement, he said that he was much attracted to the project because it was

“darker and stranger than most films about the royals seem to be.”

Greenwood also earned an Oscar nomination in 2018 for Best Original Score.

A release date for this latest soundtrack will be announced once they have confirmed a release date for the film in the UK.

Check out the trailer below: