Humane Society International


Humane Society International (HSI) is one of the only global organisations working to protect ALL animals. We have been a leading force for animal protection for almost 20 years and are now helping animals in over 50 countries. Some of our key campaigns include:

Banning Asia’s dog meat trade, and working with governments and communities to stop cruel culls and humanely manage healthy street dog populations.

Exposing suffering on fur farms and stopping the sale of fur.

Stopping the cruel and dangerous global trade in wildlife and working to expose and shut down the sickening business of trophy hunting.

Ending the suffering of animals on factory farms by working with governments and industry to stop animals being kept in cruel cages, and encouraging more plant-centric eating.

We’re here to protect animals but can’t do it alone. We are a charity (charity no. 1098925) and need the support of people who share our love and respect for living creatures. 

Join us by calling 020 7490 5288 (quoting MAY01) or go online at to make a gift and be that difference to the lives of animals both in the UK and wherever they need us. Thank you.