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Forced talk with education unions on Pay and Workload!

NEU, NASUWT, NAHT and ASCL agree to a ‘period of calm for two weeks’ with no further strikes announced. Tory ministers have been forced to agree on “in-depth talks” on plunge take-home teacher pay and ruined workload.

Following the latest strikes, education unions have announced about the talks. The discussions, which are set to continue over the weekend. This will be met by a “period of calm for two weeks” with no further strike dates.

What have been Discussed?

There has been a breakthrough in the NHS dispute on Thursday, with leaders of nurses, ambulance crews and other health workers. They all have agreed on suspending further walkouts while elections are held on a new wage offer. This announcement coincides with confirmation of a imminent five-week strike by Public and Commercial Services (PCS). The joint statement has confirmed that, “in order for talks on pay, conditions and workload reduction to begin and we hope, reach a successful conclusion.”

How is Scotland and Wales Tackling situation?

Walkouts in Scotland and Wales have also been postponed for improving salary offers from devolved Labor. To end the NHS dispute in England may also be close. The Royal College of Nursing(RNC), Unison and GMB suspended further walkouts. I also urged members to accept the latest government proposal.

What has the Government proposed?

The government has proposed a one-off payment for 2022-23 and 5 percent for next year. In Wales, Unite and GMB called off a planned ambulance strike in early March. In Scotland, walkout has been avoided and nurses have been offered 6.5% plus a one-off payment for 2023-2024.

Forced talk with education unions on Pay and Workload

The government has failed to improve on its massively below-inflation 2% salary deal for the sectors. Salary and wages are the rights of the human and this should be paid with due respect. The workers are exploited by their employers and this exploitation leads to Marx conclude in his “Capital theory”. The in-depth talk is required for peaceful deal on the pay and workload dispute.

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